About The Event

Come and Join this remarkable event for the month of August, CEO ASSEMBLAGE, a networking and gathering event of CEO's, Business Owners, and Entrepreneurs discussing funding and branding through search engines, and formulating new and improved strategies for your company, in the exclusive surroundings of the German Club Manila.

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CEO ASSEMBLAGE: A Step Further Towards Success


  • To familiarize new entrepreneurs with 2 of the most important tools in securing wider patronage and financial stability in conducting their business.
  • To provide an avenue for gaining essential knowledge via an exchange of ideas, opinions and knowhow with the speakers and participants.
  • To provide instant opportunity for participants to receive personalize responses to areas of their concern in a conducive atmosphere.


It is a win-win event for both the host and the participants. The attendees which are the CEO's of different industries are gathered to gain more knowledge, increase their connections, consult their company's problems, eat mouth-watering lunch, and work with great business consultants in today's time. On the other hand, Sage Solutions, the host of the event will be able to impart significant lessons in business and share what the company has to offer to our future clients.


This event is for passionate CEO's, competent Business Owners & Founders, and aspiring Entrepreneurs. Set of people who wants to expand their business but lacks of creative strategies and financial support, those who wants to double their revenue growth in the fastest period of time. Company leaders who desire to be successful and those who struggle too much just to survive the world of business.


Gives you opportunity:

  • to learn more on how you could survive the industry of business
  • to meet new network and gain connections
  • to look for possible solutions to your current business struggles
  • to satisfy your cravings while on a meeting
  • to team-up with great business consultants in the country


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About The Speakers

Sean Si - CEO of SEO Hacker

Sean Si does speaking engagements throughout the Philippines. He is the founder and editor-in-chief of SEO and internet marketing company. His expertise in the field has drawn the attention of business and company owners, internet marketers, event organizers, bloggers, and other people interested in penetrating the booming internet market of the Philippines and abroad.

Emerson Santos – CEO of Sage Solutions Philippines

He graduated with a double bachelor degree in banking finance and economics and also pursued MBA in corporate finance and graduated from University of Hull, UK. He worked with Citibank NYC and started a career in Singapore with an MNC group based from US. He was formulating strategies on how to expand their operation in U.S. and Europe. In a span of 12 years, he is now handling a portfolio worth over $15 million.

    What We Do ?


    Proper Supervision

  • We supervise businesses on what steps and actions are required for a better company management. Information, steps, and actions are carefully studied for the company’s stable growth.
  • Effective Solutions

  • Intricate procedure is needed to formulate effective solutions. Correct execution of strategies is taught for the company’s profit boost.
  • Less Work

  • We provide everything you need. We give extra effort to equip our clients satisfying development. All you have to do is to understand, implement, and wait for astounding results.
  • Knowledge Increases

  • Knowing is half the battle. (G.I. Joe) Information is a necessity for a company’s development. Research, strategies, tools, and processes are shared to the company for improved performance.
  • Cost-efficient

  • Assessment of the company’s funding needs and potential are also required. This way the company can evaluate their financial status and save a huge cost. The company will know where to focus more financially.
  • Solid Financial Support

  • Strong sources of funds are provided for the company’s expansion and value increase. You can partner with wide Strategic Investors and network of Foreign Banking Institutions for a solid financial support.

Our Clients


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